Ensemble voor middeleeuwse muziek
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Super Librum is famous for the historically responsible and lively performances of medieval music. Super Librum (above the book) takes its name from the medieval art of improvisation: musicians of that time knew a range of fixed melodies that they, in the final performance, used to improvise. This improvisation art, which assumes years of practice with a master and which does not literally follow a written note, but the melody from the eyelashes, is characteristic of the 14th and 15th centuries. Super Librum uses this improvisation art during his concerts.

The Super Librum ensemble, founded in 1985 by Jankees Braaksma, performed in many European early music festivals. Super Librum won the first prize in the Van Wassenaer competition (1986) and was a finalist at the Musica Antiqua Competition in Bruges (1987). Ten CDs have been released from Super Librum. Jankees Braaksma conducts intensive research into moods and improvisation practices in music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. He works as a guest teacher at conservatories in the Netherlands and Germany. Jankees Braaksma was a teacher of recorder and ensemble Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque at the Municipal Music School in Groningen.